From the “Tales of Oosik DICK & His Hard Life in Alaska” comes this invention created by Oosik DICK himself: The Alaskan FindLine.


Dick created this device out of necessity and for convenience as well.  

A "FindLine" is of practical use for men that spend time outdoors during winter.


Being a “common sense kinda guyDick devised this gadget to resolve a condition that affects only men.  Dick calls it “Winter Wither”an annoyance that plagues men when they’re in cold temperatures and need to relieve themselves...

To find yourself “in time” can be stressful and sometimes disastrous!


Because of “Winter Wither” combined with layers of winter clothing, this normal & simple task can become quite an ordeal.

In Dick’s mind the solution was simple: his Alaskan “FindLine”...



Now unbeknownst to Dick,for some reason his "FindLine"seems to evoke humor.  He can't understand why people find such a practical tool so funny, but they do!


Regardless of why, Oosik DICK’s"Alaskan FindLine" usually has that affect on people... and that’s just fine with Dick!

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